Terms and Conditions

No refunds on booking fees.  

Cancelations or rebookings must be requested at least three weeks prior to the party date to receive refunds on projects for you and your guests. 

Cancelations less than three weeks from the party date will not receive refunds on booking fees or projects.  We understand life happens, so in the event of a last minute cancelation here are your options:

       1. Reschedule your party for a later available date (no limit to how far out the date is).  New date must be provided within 7 days of cancelation. 

       2. Pick up the projects for you and your guests to complete on your own time with your own paint supplies. Projects must be collected within 30 days of cancelation.

       3. Allow one of your guests to host the party at their home.

**If a host does not meeting the minimum number of guests the booking fee will not be refunded.  However, they are welcome to reschedule the party in attempt to get more guests on a later date.  (Rescheduling must be done a week prior to the original party date)  If the host chooses to cancel rather than rebook a $50 cancellation fee will be charged.  Guests who have already purchased projects may either request a refund, complete the project at the rescheduled date, or pick up the project to be completed on their own time with their own paint supplies.**   

If a guest is unable to attend a party they must request a refund 2 weeks prior to the party.  Otherwise their project will be left with the host and can be completed on their own time. They can request that another guest from the party completes the project if time allows.  


Disclosure:  The owner of HawkinsCo Paint Parties reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason,  especially regarding (but not limited to):

  1. Adherence to all policies,
  2. Location of events,
  3. The refund and rescheduling policy,
  4. Design content requested.
    1. Content with adult themes referencing:
      1. Drugs
      2. Alcohol
      3. Sexuality
      4. Lewd Language
      5. Nudity