Lyndsi Hawkins Designs

    Lyndsi's eye for design started young. As a little girl she was constantly rearranging her bedroom furniture. This love and God given talent with design is what lead to the creation of HawkinsCo Paint Parties. As she began sharing before-and-after pictures of the astounding remodel transformations in her own homes, friends and strangers alike began requesting her help in their homes or for special events. Before she knew it she had a list of new clients wanting to work with her.

    Her experience with designing and building custom furniture and home decor alongside the remodeling projects that came with each new home combined with her innate talent for design has set Lyndsi up for success as an interior designer. She is thrilled with the opportunity to collaborate with Micah Abbananto and accept the position of Lead Designer with Micah and Co.

    Taking a good space and making it great is a passion for Lyndsi. Her ability to see beyond what is already there helps her clients to create a space they did not even know was possible!


Work with Lyndsi

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